10 Things I've Learned About Life While Living Alone in Bali

It has been over a year of living alone in Bali since mid-2021 and independently on a foreign island, and luckily, this island is Bali. During that year, I learned and knew myself much more than before because living alone, only we can feel the survival of it. From the difficulty of finding compatible friends, finding suitable activities for the weekend, and finding places, because I got lost a lot haha.

So, this is the lesson that I can take from various experiences of meeting many people and meeting many expectations.

10 Things I've Learned About Life While Living Alone in Bali

1. True love is not just giving when you have more but still giving when you have less.

This year, I met many new people, new characters, new lifestyles, and new experiences. Initially, I thought that love was when we gave a lot when we were abundant in wealth or time. Giving this and that means that is love.

But, true love comes from the desire to continue giving even if only a little is possessed or giving time even if only a little time can be used.

Giving when you have more is kind love, but still giving when you have less is true love.

2. People talk about pursuing freedom, but actually being responsible is the key to freedom.

Discussions about freedom are the most exciting. I used to think that having a lot of money, fancy items, or being able to travel abroad was freedom. Being able to do many things without restrictions is also freedom. But then I wondered, is it really so? Then, where is the limit of freedom? Because we live in a world that has rules, or live with other humans who have feelings and emotions. Whatever it is, those factors affect freedom itself, even affecting the feeling of freedom itself.

Until I finally realized that freedom comes after we become more responsible. A simple example, a teenager who wants to go watch a movie with friends but is forbidden by parents. The teenager wants to be free. However, the key is to just be a responsible person, how? By being trustworthy, what is said is the same as what is done. The awakening of trust that the teenager can be responsible for his behavior will give the teenager the freedom to socialize.

The same goes for adults, when they want to be free from parents, be a person who can be trusted. If you want to travel, be responsible for the costs. If you want to work more flexibly, be responsible for the job until the boss can trust you. If you want to be free from a partner, be responsible for your words and promises, be someone who can be trusted. If you want to be free from financial problems, be responsible for your expenses, what is important and what is less important.

To simplify, gaining trust and taking responsibility will get you freedom.

3. Mental health awareness not only helps to understand its symptoms but also to support the people around you.

Been there, done that. It might seem very Gen-Z to talk about mental health, but the reality is that many people end up seeking treatment because 'others' don't. It's true that everyone carries their own traumas, but should their environment have to face that cycle again?

Mental health awareness doesn't stop at recognizing the symptoms within ourselves, but also involves looking at the environment (family or friends) and learning to understand the changes that occur. When someone decides to seek consultation or therapy for their mental health, that's where the environment should provide support.

I'm really lucky to have a supportive family, even though this is the first time in our family, everyone tries to understand and comprehend that sudden crying, getting angry, being moody, or even suddenly planning to move to Bali. (It's not really sudden, it's been on my mind for years, but the impulsive feeling just boiled over at that time). Because the fact is, at the lowest point, we're not ourselves. Thank God, they're all supportive while keeping a distance. They're still on standby on the phone. 🤍

But unfortunately, not everyone gets that support. Even from the closest people who should be aware if there are unusual behavioral changes. Many say they have the title of "awareness," but feel "ashamed" when their family is "stressed," even hiding it. Many also make it "gossip material" when they should be a listener.

So, thanks to my family who educated themselves to be aware of my mood swings caused by some pills.

And for some people out there, educate yourself, don't cause more trauma to others.

4. Arrogance can hinder your chances of developing a better personality.

Out of all the different personality types, arrogance is one of the most dangerous. From my own personal experiences, I’ve learned that the key to changing this negative trait is to develop a willingness to understand others.

If you constantly believe that you are always right, that your decisions are the best, and that your position is superior, you will miss out on opportunities to see things from different perspectives, learn empathy, solve problems without arguing, become a better person, and live a better life.

5. Healthy eating means finding a balance between nourishing your body and your soul.

What’s the point of eating all organic, super healthy, no salt, and no sugar if it makes you feel crazy and overly sensitive?

Why not enjoy good food? Something sweet, something spicy, something savory, with more fat and fries?

The point is that it’s up to you to control what you eat. As long as you can maintain that control, just enjoy the food you love. Ignore people who say negative things about your favorite foods or snacks. Some foods may nourish your body, while others can nourish your soul.

Enjoy your favorite foods while maintaining a healthy diet 🤍

6. People who Only Talk about Money are the Ones who Desperately Need It

It's true, and it's not just happening in Bali. When someone's first topic of conversation is always about money, bitcoin, business coaching, or investments, it's often a red flag that they're struggling financially. But that doesn't mean you can't have discussions about money in a healthy way.

7. Being Kind to Others Doesn't Guarantee Kindness in Return

Unfortunately, it's not always true that being kind to others will result in them treating you the same way. Some people may take advantage of your kindness, or even manipulate you by using the phrase "I don't ask for anything in return when I help others".

However, don't let this discourage you from being kind to others. It's important to remember that your actions are a reflection of who you are, not who they are. 

Just be mindful of who you choose to extend your kindness to.

8. When making decisions, it can be a bit tricky to understand what is right and wrong.

Just because something is beneficial for you doesn't necessarily mean it's the right decision. Sometimes, for ethical reasons, for the long-term goal, you have to say no.

9. The secret to success is consistency.

With a new age of 30 and many successful examples in the immediate environment, it becomes increasingly clear that true success lies in consistency. Unfortunately, many people get distracted by things they only follow because of FOMO (fear of missing out) and forget what they truly wanted to become. Congratulations to those who remain true to themselves.

10. The new you is not only created by new places and new people.

It is arrogant to call it a change, because it can be called an escape. The test comes when you encounter the same issue. Will you solve it in the same way as before, or will you take the initiative to solve the problem in a new positive way? That's when you know you've changed.

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